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What You Can Expect from Our Fair Lending School

As a compliance or audit professional, you’re put in a position of immense responsibility — often without the tools, knowledge, and resources you need to do your job. And the reality is that most fair lending compliance training is surface-level, so you never actually learn how to do your job any better than when you started the training.

This training was designed to give you everything you need to do your job with confidence. It goes beyond education — we’ll also teach you practical methods for reviewing and auditing your fair lending program.

Fair Lending Training


15 video modules

Comprehensive digital manual

Option to earn the Fair Lending Expert (FLE) Certification

Earn 12 hours of continuing education for your compliance certifications

Learn proven methods to review and strengthen your organization’s fair lending program


Fair Lending School

$ 1,295

FLE Certification Testing Fee

$ 300

FLE Certification Examination Retake Fee

$ 119

Group Discounts

If your bank is less than $20 Billion in total assets, you may qualify for group discount.

Fair Lending Training Manual

Organizations of All Sizes and Structures Need This Training

From the moment a customer sees your marketing materials to the moment you make the loan decision, there are fair lending risks that need to be addressed (we call this the loan life cycle). Our training takes a linear progression through the loan life cycle to address each risk along the way.

This training is not just designed for banks and credit unions. Any organization that makes loans will benefit. We have had students from many different lending channels, including several mortgage companies complete our school. If your organization makes loans, you have come to the right place. 

The Loan Lifecycle

We have created a concept that we call the Loan Lifecycle of fair lending risks. Our course walks you through all of the major steps in the loan process and shows you the risks along the way. We then teach you how to strengthen those areas and how you can review each risk area at your organization. The loan lifecycle is a process, so we have designed our training to follow the same process.

Here are some of the areas we’ll cover:

Loan Lifecycle of Fair Lending Risks

Fair Lending Expert (FLE) Certification

Fair Lending Expert FLE

Introducing our Fair Lending Expert (FLE) Certification. We wanted to create a way for you as the student to display the expertise you will gain in fair lending. Show the regulators and the industry the new knowledge and skills you have learned with this one-of-a-kind fair lending certification.

Once you make the decision to sign up for the course, you will have the option to take the end-of-course examination and earn this new prestigious industry certification. A majority of our students have also elected to get the certification. They have found the value that it brings, and we are confident that you will too.

After you successfully pass the examination, you will be required to earn 12 hours of continuing education credit, specific to fair lending, over each two-year cycle. The continuing education credits you earn can come from any source. They can be live, online, webinars, computer-based training, or from local compliance focus groups.  

The annual certification cost for the FLE designation is $129, billed each year on your certification anniversary.

Sign up today and show the industry that you are a Fair Lending Expert!

Some students finish in a few days while others span it over a few weeks. You get 90 days, so there is plenty of time to complete it.

The exam is there to verify you completed the course and learned the materials; it’s not there to make you fail. If you take your time and review the materials, the examination is very manageable.

It’s a combination of education and audit procedures. We will take you through the loan life cycle and teach you the fair lending risks along the way. During that journey, we also teach you how to conduct your own reviews. It’s really part education and part how to do your job.

How To Build Prevention Into Your Fair Lending Program

We have created a list of 3 things you can do to prevent fair lending issues in each of the loan lifecycle risks. Simply enter your e-mail address to download.